Hair Salon Social Content Shoot | Connecticut

How much can you say in 13 seconds?  One of our micro-feature videos is just that long and showcases the entire process of her hair treatment for one of Salon22’s clients.


We recently had the chance to work with Suzanne and her team at Salon22.   Check out some of our favorite content photos from their day.  

Each of these product shots showcase their feature AVEDA lineup in the salon’s environment.

There are so many things I love about this photo with People magazine.  I can image the Instagram caption now… 

Details photographed in a creative way, (like the hairbrush) make a powerful single image social media post. 

There is nothing that conveys how awesome this team is at what they do, than to capture them working their craft.

As an option for Salon22,  we were able to update their website images with these environmental headshots.  Here are just a few from their set. 

Each image stands on its own merits and with the creative captions that will accompany them, their clients will love following along with their daily posts.