Do most images of your golf course struggle to adequately showcase the beauty of your unique property?  So many photos fall miserably short of satisfying the “awe” you experience walking up the fairway to the 18th green.

Line of Flight Golf Videos

Now imagine looking at each breathtaking hole from a truly unique perspective.  Looking at each play through the eyes of the ball.   What?  The Ball?  Yes, the best vantage point of any hole is through the line of flight the ball takes throughout the course.

Our unique 12-15 second Line of Flight Videos begin with a view of the hole from about 40 feet in the air.   With a quick fade to a detailed close up of a hand pressing a pristine ball into a tee at the top of the box.   Next is the club shaft’s view of the driver making impressive contact with the ball as it takes flight.  With the use of our super fast drones, we then fade to the resemblance of the line of flight of a perfectly hit drive.  Flying up and through the air just as the ball would, our drone takes you on an unprecedented perspective journey to the fairway.  From there a gorgeously polished iron makes contact with our ball as it floats through the sky, (again via drone footage) as you perceive yourself landing right on the green just shy of the pin.  Closing out the video with a ground level shot of a perfectly executed 2 ft putt.

Line of Flight Golf Videos

With each vignette line of flight video we create, statistics about each hole are presented as a ticker tape at the bottom of the screen or as a closing credit sequence (which lengthens the video and potentially loses some attention span on social media)

Your course could have the strongest and most impactful set of videos to release all season long to help you build your following and club culture.   This incredibly creative perspective and the product is only available from us at Kontent Krew with art direction and concept from Line of Flight Golf.

The individually produced videos of each hole are formatted perfectly for use on your course website, Instagram, Linked-In, and Facebook.

Pricing for production is as follows.

A four hole, four video production package is $350 each hole.

A six hole, six video production package is $320 each hole.  (savings of $90)

A nine hole, nine video production package is $300 each hole. (savings of $550)

An eighteen hole, eighteen video production package is $260 each hole (savings of $1620)

Photos of each hole 1 under par at stroke intervals from an elevation of approx 40 ft up can be added for $50 per hole.

360º Photos of each hole 1 under par at stroke intervals $150 per hole when added to line of flight.   (contact us for a la carte pricing)