Your social media accounts are killing your business, not Amazon! 

Most likely your boss is too stubborn to agree with what his team members are trying to tell her, but your boss is SO wrong about social, and it is scaring the crap out of all the employees that understand the future belongs to businesses that build passionate followers and developed cultures.  Whether you have a social media account, don’t use it, or don’t have an account;  you are likely losing at the game either way.  For those who don’t have an online brand following, I just don’t understand what you are waiting for.  THIS IS new media.  IT IS new marketing.  IT WILL NOT be going away.    Maybe it is time to have a tough talk with your boss if they don’t agree.  I guess they think that the internet [aka the world wide interweb] is just a fad. {insert sarcastic undertones}  NOBODY is bulletproof in this era of social marketing.  Amazon can announce a patent or trademark and make a company lose 35% of its valuation overnight.  (See Amazon Fresh vs. Blue Apron)

 If you have a social media account array set up, I guess I could say good for you; but you are likely doing it wrong.  I can’t tell you how many brands we work with that seem like they are presenting well (to their bosses) online, but in essence, they are turning off followers at an alarming rate.  I recently have been following a motorcycle dealer online who, to the entire world; has a product that is its own ‘culture’ and they aren’t  representing that at all.  Their Instagram account randomly puts up pictures of their showroom full of bikes; then once in a while has a salesman walk around the latest piece of rolling steel art, and dictate the copy from their latest brochure as if it was rehearsed for weeks before the shoot.  Come on!   I mean I’m sure that salesman/”social media manager” can now go to his boss and say… “Look what I have been making, and it seems to be going well I think.”   It is no wonder her boss thinks it is a waste of time.  Because it SUCKS!  Nobody has the tolerance within their feeds to follow salesman or people pushing products down their throat.

What could he be doing differently?  SELL THE CULTURE.   SELL THE ADRENALINE.  SELL THE FEELING.  Not the fact that you have an inventory of bikes that aren’t sold yet.  {Side note: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t tell anyone in your live video to come on in and ask for “Salesman’s Name”}   If you were doing your job correctly and showing the chrome tailpipes rumbling the sound of the massive V-Twin engine… anyone that owns one, wishes they owned one, or will be owning one soon, will not only follow that post/feed but will likely share it with their other biker friends.   You don’t need to tell them to “Come see me” they will just know that when it is time, they WILL seek you out.

  Social media content curation is a marathon job, and you most likely need way more help than you think with your long game.   Instagram, FB, Snap Chat, etc. are not tools used to connect kids with peers anymore. If you aren’t doing it right, you are wasting everyone’s time and should probably just stop, because you are turning off your followers.  Of course, you know you shouldn’t stop, so I guess I’m saying you need to seek out help.  And it needs to happen NOW because the one thing Amazon can NOT compete with is Culture, Passion, and Cult Followers of your business.  The right social media approach will get you to the front of the pack, if not win the marathon.

Written by Jerome Braga.  Jerome is a professional photographer with a social media content creation company that produces original curated content for individual small business across CT, NY, MA & RI  Find more info at